Clinovex provides a new age of young, self-motivated and dynamic Clinical Research Professionals with positive attitude and knowledge to satisfy the staffing solutions for the modern clinical research industry.


CLINOVEX though Indian at heart draws inspiration from best institutions all over the world which brings clinical research a global touch.

We take great pride to welcome you at our student-friendly atmosphere and state-of-the-art technologies that will take you through the most interesting ride into the future.

Our ambition is to train the next generation professionals who wish to perceive their career in Clinical Research and prepare them to actively contribute a role in Research Innovation.

We do believe in imparting those courses on Clinical Research that are at equivalence with the global standards. The Institute also believes in filling up the void created in India due to the paucity of skilled manpower in clinical research. The Institute has a vision of producing a league of competent professionals in the domain of clinical research. CLINOVEX strives to transform the clinical research scenario into an international level by providing the best possible education and facilities to its students.

We strongly believe our strengths are our ability to devise, develop and validate our student skills and mold them to become proficient professionals in clinical research.

Our prospectus combines fundamental education in Clinical Research with a broad human outlook, which develops the student's mental horizon beyond the limits of his/her immediate Career objective.

Our Institute has reputed faculty members who are experienced and armed in their vicinity. The faculty brings relevance to the classroom and continuously advances the state-of-the-art knowledge about various topics/issues by translating their cutting-edge research contributions into classroom illustrations.

As a student in CLINOVEX, you’ll find not only a wealth of opportunities in this ever-expanding field; you’ll have the opportunity to experience the MNC culture.

As a Clinical Research professional, you will be part of various drug development processes designed for improving health of the society. This emerging career also offers a lucrative salary and fast-track growth. The perfect balance of self growth as well as service towards society makes a career in Clinical Research all the more attractive.

Mission and Objective:

  • To promote excellence and expertise in the education of Clinical Research professionals with a primary focus on promoting ethical research.
  • Impart innovative education in Clinical Research industry and fill the vacuum created due to lack of skilled manpower.
  • Amalgamate the highest academic standards with relevance to the needs of the industry
  • Able to state and understand the standards and practice of ICH-GCP in the conduct of clinical trials
  • To provide a comprehensive introduction to the clinical research process, conduct & management of clinical trials.
  • To increase the understanding of the regulatory process in the field of Pharmaceuticals, clinical research & pharmacovigilance.


  • I am proud to say that after completing the course,I got a job at ICON,corently working in pharmacovigilance department

    Jiss Vincent,Trivandrum

  • I receved hands on experience during DCRM, Which was very helpful to get a better job in clinical research,I have joined max Neeman

    Anish Thomas Kerala

  • I really appreciate the confidence, support you gave me during DCRM which hepled to make by bright careers in novartis

    Neeraja Staney,Mumbai

  • This course facilitates me to achieve Knowledge in many aspect of clinical research, I am employed at ICON as clinical dataCoordinator

    Chris George,Trivandrum

  • I contented to enlighten you that it was my dream to work clinical research industry and now successfully working as SAS programmer at ICON which became true only because of DCRM training

    Rosina Jos,Trivandrum

  • I am happy say that after completing DCRM, I achived my goal and now work ing at Theorem

    Vipin V Nair,Bangalore